Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Giro Day Eleven: Chasing the Move By Sky

Team Sky had the enviable position of being able to play two different cards against the contenders for GC rankings.  Most of the Giro hopefuls are most concerned about Bradley Wiggins and thought that Team Sky would be riding for him when they went to the front of the peleton and drove the pace on the final climb.  However Wiggins began to suffer on the climb so Rigoberto Uran jumped from his pace making position and attacked the peleton.  The contenders looked around for Wiggins and then hesitated when he was at the back of the group.  Once Uran had a good gap other teams that were close to him on GC took up the pace making, but it was to late, he was gone.  This is an original watercolor and ink postcard that could be yours by visiting my artist website.   Just follow the direct link at the end of this post.  But hurry, you wouldn't want someone else to get your painting.