Friday, May 24, 2013

Giro Day Twenty One: No Racing Just Snow

This Giro has given me a couple of first in my decades of watching cycling and the Grand Tours, a cancelation.  Stage 20 was first modified to avoid the high climbs citing fears of ice on the descents of the high passes, but early this morning the decision was made to cancel the stage altogether due to snow.  While I am disappointed to have no race to watch or paint, I applaud the decision that keeps the riders safe and healthy, as well as considers the health of the cycling fans that line the route every day, every stage.  Speaking of disappointments Danielo DiLuca becomes the second competitor to be removed from the Giro due to doping charges.  His comes from a positive test taken 5 days before the start of the Giro, but is another smear on his career of highs and doping lows.  I have been impressed with his gusty attacks throughout the 2013 Giro d'Italia and am hurt to find out now how he was able to launch the attacks.  Sadly, the attacks didn't work, and now he is probably out of cycling.  As is Director Sportif said in an interview,
          "It's true," Scinto said in a quiet, sad voice. "He's mad, he's a cretino, he needs treatment.    There's nothing else to say. We gave him a second chance and the sponsors put their faith in him and this is how he pays us back. It's crazy that a rider thinks they can get away with it like that."

Hopefully, the clean peleton will be back to racing tomorrow.