Tuesday, August 20, 2013

US Pro Challenge Stage Two: Just Making Sure

Mattias Frank was able to get away on the final climb of the day and hold of the others in the break on the furious descent into Breckinridge.  As any experienced rider will do, he is looking back over his shoulder to make sure that Lachlan isn't about to catch him before giving his victory salute.  In this case, the salute may have cost him the Jersey, he needed 5 seconds over the closing Lachlan to gain the race lead, but the Garmin Aussie managed to cross the line 3 seconds behind the stage winner.  This may go down in the "don't count your chickens before the hatch" category.  Or don't celebrate your victory until you cross the line.  This is an original watercolor and ink postcard that is available in a short three day auction on ebay.  Just follow the direct link at the end of this post to get your piece of the US Pro Challenge.