Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tour Down Under: Bringing Home the Jersey, Final Stage

With all but the final sprint to contest Orica-Greenedge and Simon Gerrans could begin to believe that they had secured the Ochre Jersey and the over all win of the Tour Down Under.  At this point they are only about 5 kilometers away from the magical point in the rules were even with a crash all of the riders will be given the same time as those they were with at the finish line.  Orica-Greenedge knows that the sprinters will be able to best any of the other GC contenders that are in need of the seconds on offer at the finale.  So, Chapeau, Orica-Greenedge and Simon Gerrans!  This is an original watercolor and ink postcard that could be yours by visiting my artist website at  Or you could just follow the direct link at the end of this post to get your piece of the Santos Tour Down Under.