Sunday, March 30, 2014

Volta Catalunya Stage 6: Attacking from the Back

The break away worked well because all nine riders worked hard and together to stay away from the peloton, but once they were inside of the last 10 K of the 172 kilometer stage the attacks began.  The commentators were surprised that it was the senior of the group, Jens Voigt (Trek Factory Racing) who fired the first volley across the others collective bow.  Jens rolled through his turn to the back of the group and then surprised everyone by jumping from the back where no one could see him until he was up to full speed.  Once he had attacked and been caught it was all bets off with attack after attack coming from most of the riders in the break.  This is an original watercolor and ink postcard that could be yours by being the first to visit my artist website at  For this painting follow the direct link at the end of this post.