Thursday, April 3, 2014

Using the watercolors to create a full scale Shiva Paintstik painting

Up until I started working on the watercolor and ink postcards my almost exclusive medium had been Shiva Paintstiks, an drawing form of oil painting.  All of the colors you are seeing are mixed right on the surface of the painting, working right into the surface, in this case working over an unfinished painting.  Working over an existing failed attempt, I had more surface and color to react against.  The watercolors are all about speed and transparency, the challenge in this piece is to bring that freedom to the much thicker and opaque media.  The source for this was one of my watercolors from the final stage of Paris Nice, as Arthur Vichot claimed the final stage while wearing the Tricolore of French National Road Racing Champion.  Visited my artist website to get more information about purchasing this work of art and to see all of my cycling work as well as a wide variety of subject matters.  To learn more about Shiva Paintstiks, visit the manufacturer's website at  

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