Saturday, May 24, 2014

Giro d'Italia Stage 13: The Final Lunge to the Line

Today showed why guys get into the break away each day, every once and a while the break stays away to the line.  Today it was three out of the six in the break that made it to the finish line eleven seconds ahead of the fast charging sprinter lead peloton.  Marco Canola (Bardiani CSF) claimed the victory and rained (or hailed) on the sprinter's parade.  He just held off the closing Jackson Rodriquez (Androni Giacottoli) and Angelo Tulik (Europcar) and paid honor to the team's Wild Card status.  This is an original watercolor and ink postcard that is available for purchase through my artist website at  Or you could just follow the direct link at the end of this post.'Italia%202014/2369356---198213/Painting.html#.U4F7eM_D_IU