Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book de Tour

All of my posts about the 101st Tour de France will be collected into this unique visual treasury.  The book is currently in its crowd funding stage seeking support from you my blog readers.  I hope you will consider pledging your support so that all of the art and annotations can become the Book de Tour.  As I have said repetitively, there are some great Backer Rewards for those who choose to become part of bringing the most unusual Tour to print.  Rewards begin at only $5 USD and international shipping is available.  Other rewards include and artist signed copy of the book, original art, and even a few copies of the book that will be signed by Vincenzo Nibali.  Anyone who pledges their support will have their name in print included on the Special Thanks page regardless of the amount pledged.  Yes that means that if you pledge as little as $1 your name will be immortalized in this unique visual treasury of this most unique Tour de France.  All of the annotations are in English (as is this blog) but a picture tells a story without regard to the viewers native tongue. 

I could use your help in getting this project fully funded.  With just 4 days left to go in the crowd funding campaign, I am at 50% of my goal.  The way Kickstarter works, if you do not get 100% funded, then you get none of the monies pledged.  So if you pledge your support, and we don't make our goal then Backers will not be charged a single penny.  If we do make the goal, your pledge will be collected and you will receive the reward you have chosen in early November.

Here is the direct link to the Kickstarter campaign:

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