Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Talking About Art, Cycling Art and the Business of Being an Artist

I spent Valentine's Day talking with a group of about twenty five artists and art lovers.  The group was the Metro Richmond Artist Association.  I was there to talk about my art and how to work with Shiva Paintstiks.  You can see the Paintstiks in my left hand in the first picture.  I brought along my most recently completed painting (see the previous blog post) with two other completed paintings. 

In order to be able to show the participants in the workshop, I also had an incomplete work to illustrate my process.  Naturally, the question and answer period was wide ranging covering everything from being a professional artist, using social media to promote one's work and cycling.  Most particular my book, "Book de Tour - Art of the 101st Tour de France".  In the second photo, I am holding the book and telling the story of Alberto Contrador's abandonment and how my artwork was used by International Media to relate the story.

Both of these photographs were taken by one of the artists (and in her case authors) in attendance, Mary Montague Sikes.

To see these paintings go to my artist website at www.greigleach.com, you can find the book there, too.

Direct link to the purchase a copy of the book; http://www.greigleach.com/gallery/201710/Book+de+Tour/#.VOPk8k05DIU and for the painting of Arthur Vichot in the first photograph; http://www.greigleach.com/large-view/Figurative%20Works/2340551-1-0-7216/Painting/Sports.html#.VOPlNk05DIU