Sunday, March 29, 2015

And then this happened... Paris Roubaix Socks by DeFeet

And then this happened... These are the newest release of Aireator Socks by DeFeet adorned with a knitted interpretation of one of my paintings. The image comes from my painting of Niki Terpstra's (Etixx-Quickstep) powerful win of the 2014 Hell of the North.  To get your own pair of these fun socks just follow this link  They retail for $12.99 USD.

Yeah, every once and awhile, I just have to geek out about how this marriage of my twin passions is going.  I have always enjoyed the freedom that comes from being out on the open road on my bike, going back to my pre-teen days so very many years ago.  I still get that same thrill every time I clip into my pedals and strap on my helmet.  The only other thing (that I will mention here) that brings me that kind of joy is making art, and now I have found how to knit these twin passions together (pun intended). 

So follow the link above to get your pair of the first of five pairs of socks that DeFeet Socks and I will be creating together over the coming season.  And then follow this blog as I paint my way through the Spring Classics, the Grand Tours and finish up when the world rolls into my adoptive home town, Richmond, Virginia.  All of the paintings will appear here, and are offered for sale through my artist website at