Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Commissioned Artwork and a Great Review of Book de Tour

Along with painting the peloton as it streaks around the world, I occasionally have the honor of doing a larger work for a specific cyclist.  This will be a surprise 50th birthday present for the gentleman leading this race through a tight corner of a downtown criterium.  I am told that he trains with and races against up and comers half his age.  Chapeau, my friend!

As I have mentioned in many of these posts over the last couple of months, I have taken my post of the 2014 Tour de France and created (and published them) in the book, Book de Tour - Art of the 101st Tour de France.  The attached link will give you the opportunity to read an excellent review that ran in the Canadian Cycling website, Pez Cycling News.

Leslie Ressiner really understand just what I am doing with my artwork and my love of cycling.  It is a rare opportunity that one gets to combined one's two main passions in life.  I am a very lucky (and hard working) man.  Along with Amazon or many other online booksellers worldwide, you can purchase the book directly from me through my artist website at  The direct link to purchase the book is...