Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paris Roubaix: Swinging in to the Velodrome

Etixx Quickstep made the final turn into the Velodrome in Roubaix with the advantage of numbers, I hesitate that they have been in this position before.  It was Yves Lampaert playing the roll of sacrificial domestique for his teammate, Zdenek Stybar.  Swinging in behind the Etixx Quickstep duo is the Belgium favorite, Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) follow closely by Lars Boom (Astana) and 3 others.  Paris Roubaix always ends on the Velodrome, a smooth steep banked track after the notorious pave, it must feel like a treasure reward of 750 meters.  Under the velodrome are the other reward, showers for victor and vanquished alike.

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