Sunday, April 12, 2015

Paris Roubaix: Waiting on the Train

Professional bike racing is done on the open road.  While the gendarme do all they can to close off the roadways, the trains still have a time schedule to keep.  It seems that every year some group of riders are caught at a railroad crossing as the gates come down across the road.  This year more riders than normal skirted around the gates trying to beat the train, which should call for disqualification.  Instead those that went through as the gates began to close where held by the referee until this group rejoined them.  At least for all involved, it was a TGV bullet train so the wait wasn't long at all.  Not so good for those trying to join back on from behind.  Some of those waiting impatiently included; Julien Morcie (Europcar), Yaroslav Popovych (Trek Factory Racing) and Dylan Van Baarle (Cannondale Garmin).

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