Thursday, May 28, 2015

Giro Stage 18: Quick Fix on the Fly

When a rider's luck is in, it is truly a fun thing to watch.  The day Contador had the ill timed flat, he ended up widening his advantage on the General Classification.  Today, having dropped everyone who tried to hold the Maglia Rosa's wheel, Contador dropped his chain when shifting to the smaller front chain ring.  He was lucky enough to be able to reach down and re-thread his chain and get back to the task at hand.  He was able to do this without having to stop.  His team car had pulled up behind with his mechanic jumping out while the car was still moving.  The mechanic first reached for a replacement bike, then realized that the problem had been fixed by the team leader on his own.  The mechanic barely had time to run up to Contador to give him a push before the Maglia Rosa was back to his distinctive, and effective, dancing on the pedals.

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