Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tour de France, Stage 11: Fraught with Dangers

For those who are dropped on the way up a mountain, chasing back down the other side can be a very dangerous activity.  Warren Barguil (Giant Alpecin) had lost contact with the group containing the Maillot Jaune, so he had to take additional risk on the rather scary descent down the Tourmalet.  As if the tight high speed hairpin turns with no barrier were not enough to put the fear of God into a cyclist, Barguil had to negotiate a hear of cattle that chose to cross the road as he approached a 70 kph.  Fortunately, he was able to get pass without mayhem nor loss of speed,  The camera bike had to come to a complete stop, hitting one of these large animals simply wasn't an option.  Barguil's gutsy descent did allow him to catch back on to the main (small) peloton.

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