Thursday, July 16, 2015

Tour de France, Stage 12: At the Back of the Peloton

For those who lined the side of the road to watch the Tour go by, it is quite the party.  Many have camped for days just to catch a glimpse of their cycling heros.  I, and the cameramen of the Tour, where intrigued by the group of bikini clad women and nearly naked men on the roof of the vintage VW Microbus.  The red bib numbers on the back of Dan Martin (Cannondale Garmin) marks him as the most aggressive rider of the previous days stage.  Martin twice road across large gabs between groups on the road to claim is second second place finish of the 102nd Tour de France.  While I am sure he was honored to be given the title of Most Aggressive, I am sure he would have preferred the stage victory more.

This is an original small watercolor and ink painting that was created using Yarka St. Petersburg watercolors and Steve Quiller brushes that came from Jack Richeson & Company (, a small mid western family run art supply company with excellent art supplies.  This painting, along with all of my cycling art, is available through my artist website at  To purchase this painting for only $60 USD, just follow the direct link at the end of this post.  International shipping is available.  Don't delay, it is a one of a kind original painting, so when it is gone, it is gone.

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