Friday, July 17, 2015

Tour de France, Stage 13: Dressing His Wounds

Jean-Christophe Peraud (AG2R) is just not having a lucky Tour.  He has had bad days in the mountains and just can't find the form that carried him to second place overall in last year's Tour.  Today on the thirteenth, he had a silly touch of wheels that sent him skidding across the rough road surface at over 30 kilometers per hour.  He lost a fair amount of skin and several chunks of his cycling shorts (almost making him rather indecent on the road).  While I should no longer be surprised, he was yet another hard man of the Tour who got back onto his bike and kept racing to the end of the stage.  He spent a fair amount of time back at the race doctor's car getting patched up, but ultimately, he had to get back to chasing down the fleeing peloton.  Impressively, he rejoined the main group after being almost two minutes behind and dripping blood the whole way.

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