Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tour de France Stage 3: Last Minute Adjustments

Every stage in a Grand Tour will start with a neutral section.  This is sort of a promenade to let the crowds downtown see the riders but it keeps the riders safe by not having them race flat out in a large group.  Usually by the end of the stage the 198 riders are no longer all together so it isn't as dangerous to race on the city streets.  As the peloton got underway from Anvers, Fabian Contador (Trek Factory Racing), resplendent in his Maillot Jaune (the 29th of his career), took the time to make sure his radio was functioning properly.  I am always struck by how the mechanics are able to effect all sorts of repairs on a moving bicycle while hanging out the window of a moving car.  I wonder just how many are missing fingers from the blade spokes of the wheels.

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