Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tour de France Stage 3: What the Hell?

I am sure that the phrase, "What the Hell?" was said in any number of different languages today.  Christian Prudhomme, in the interest of safety, stopped the race to let those who crashed and the medical personnel who had attended them catch back up to the peloton.  The stoppage was a bit disorganized with several starts and stops before it was all said and done.  Plus the choice was made to stop everyone at the bottom of the first categorized climb of this year's Tour.  It was one of those situations that everyone would have an opinion about.  Danilo Wyss (BMC) took the opportunity to voice his opinion to any who would listen, while Nairo Quintana (Movistar) remained his impassive self while sucking down an extra water bottle.  It is safe to assume that this unusual action will be discussed all over the internet tonight and will be the subject of many barroom arguments for years to come.

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