Monday, September 21, 2015

Richmond 2015 UCI Worlds: Turning It Around

For the next couple of days of racing, actually for every race except the Men's Elite Time Trial, racers will be making this wide U-turn in the shadow of the Jefferson Davis Monument.  The monument honors the only President of the Confederacy that had its short lived Capital in Richmond, Virginia.  Davide Martinelli of Team Italia slowed just enough to wrestle his time trial bike around the cobbled corner.  After making this turn the riders enjoyed a long slightly downhill run all of the way to the south side of the river.

This is a small original watercolor and ink painting that was created using Yarka St. Petersburg watercolors and Steve Quiller brushes from  The paintings are for sale each day at the Downtown Fanfest in the Greater Richmond Convention Center at 5th and Marshall Streets in Richmond, VA.  There are originals and two different sizes of prints being offered for sale starting at $20.00 USD. Eventually, they will be available through

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