Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tour Down Under: Just a Bit Dicey

In the Feed Zone, the soigneurs will line up along side the road ready to pass bottles and musettes to their riders.  The problems arise when each soigneur in turn stands just a little bit further into the road so that he can be seen by the team, naturally this makes the road narrower and narrower.  Finally, it is on the rider to get to the left side of the road to make the bottle pass safer.  That didn't happen for this IAM Cycling support personnel.  His rider forced him to make a dangerous pass and then jumped out of the way of the fast approaching riders from Drapac Professional Cycling and Astana.  You can see by the soigneurs stance that he was already figuring out how quickly he could jump back to his left.  Thanks to his awareness a rather nasty wreck was avoided.

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