Friday, January 22, 2016

Tour Down Under: Lunch on the Fly

Naturally, the early break away (although this one didn't get away until after the first intermediate sprint) was the first to reach the feed zone.  The race organization will designate an area slightly over half way through the stage were the soigneurs can pass musettes of food and drink to their team riders.  The racers will consume over 2,000 calories while racing the relatively short 140ish kilometer stages of the Tour Down Under.  One of the dreaded mis-calculations is the bonk, when I rider doesn't take in enough food and figuratively runs out of gas at the end of the stage, just when he needs it the most.  Here, Patrick Shaw (UniSA-Australia) has just grabbed his lunch, while David Tanner (IAM Cycling) and Alexis Gougeard (AG2R) already have theirs.  Yes, you have seen Gougeard's name already, he was out in the first breakaway in the first stage of this year's Tour Down Under.

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