Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My new book is now in hand! Art of Cycling: Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships

My newest book of the Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships was just delivered from the printers (based in the USA).  I went out to the deep West End of Richmond to pick up my share of the shipment and I am very excited to hold this labor of love in my hands for the very first time.  I feel a little odd meeting a truck in the back of a parking lot to pick up 470 books, but my publisher was there getting his share too.

This is a hard bound 158 page book of my paintings and writings on all of the races of the 2015 Road World Championships.  This book captures all of the speed, color and beauty of the races along with images of the city I now call home.  You can order your copy by going to, international shipping is available.  The book retails for $29.95 USD plus shipping.  The book also has a brilliant foreword by Kathryn Bertine and notes from the CEO of Richmond 2015, Wilson Flohr and Mayor Dwight Jones.

You can see all of the paintings that are in the book by going to my artist website at and go to the Richmond 2015 Gallery, some of the originals are still available for purchase.  Here is the link to the thumb nails of all of the paintings in the gallery,

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