Sunday, February 28, 2016

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad: Giving a Hand and a Wheel

There is a reason that there are teams in a bike race.  And each member of a team has a particular role to play.  Some like Jens Keukeleire (Orica-GreenEdge) are the "protected riders" those that are designated to have the best chance to win the race for the team.  Others, like Keukeleire's teammate, Alexander Edmondson, are called domestiques, and are in the race to aid the goals of the protected riders on their team.  Keukeleire had a flat on the rough cobbled roads that are a feature of the Belgium races, and Edmondson realizing his man was in trouble, stopped, removed his own rear wheel and switched it onto his teammates bike.  This allowed Keukeleire to get back into the race much quicker (although it could have gone better had Edmondson not had so much trouble making the trade).

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