Monday, July 25, 2016

La Course: What's Left?

Laura Stephens (Tibco Silicon Valley) looked into the eyes of Lucinda Brand (Rabo Liv) trying to determine if she had anything left.  The two were joined in the next break by Amy Pieters (Wiggle High 5).  With just eight kilometers left to go, they were in with a real chance.  In less than a kilometer they would hear the welcome sound of  the bell signifying one lap to go.  As the race has gone on the crowds have grown by leaps and bounds.

This is a small original watercolor and ink painting that was created using Yarka St. Petersburg watercolors and Steve Quiller brushes from Jack Richeson & Company.  This painting, along with all of my cycling art, is available through my artist website at  While you are on the site, be sure to check out my other works of art and my two cycling books.  To purchase this particular painting, just follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Bear in mind that this is a one of a kind original and once it is gone, it is gone.

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To buy this painting, just follow this link:'s%20Left?%20LC5-Greig-Leach.html#.V5W4K7grLIU