Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tour, Second Rest Day

I spent my rest day catching up on all of things that I have let slide during the days of racing.  Then I got out for a ride trying to imitate Tom Dumoulin's win on top of Andorre Arcalis.  As I climbed a two mile long hill near my home in Richmond, Virginia, I was caught by what turned out to be a rather severe storm.  I, like Dumoulin, was belted by hail as I road up to the summit of the climb.  I hadn't been in the saddle for anywhere near as long as he did when he won Stage 9 in the Pyrenees.  My wife snapped this picture when I met her in the gym after my ride.  On the drive home, traffic lights and power were out everywhere.  Plus traffic was at a stand still due to downed trees and power lines.  Apparently I was quite a bit luckier then I realized.

Now it is time to get some rest ahead of tomorrows big stage through the Swiss Alps.