Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rio Olympics: Still Flying

This seems to be the Olympics for the elderly,  Well for the older athletes.  Ruth Beitia (Spain) is thirty seven years old.  This is her third appearance in the Olympic Women's High Jump where she had yet to win a medal.  Tonight, she changed all of that by winning the Gold.  Now that is the way to wash away all of her previous disappointment.  Just after her unsuccessful third attempt at Beitia's height, the American Chaunte Lowe rushed over to give the Spaniard a heart felt hug.  Lowe has also not medal in several Olympics, but did not resent her competitors success.  Yet another example of the Olympic Spirit (and the compassion of female athletes).

This is a small watercolors and ink painting measuring just 4"x6" and was created using Yarka St. Petersburg watercolors and Steve Quiller brushes from  This painting and all of my Olympics artwork will be available through my artist website at  To purchase this particular painting just follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Remember this is an original work of art, so once it has been sold, it is gone.  Don't delay buy it now!

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