Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tour of Britain, Stage 5: From Aggressor to Helper

The red bib number on the back of Alessandro Tonelli (Bardiani CSF) is for being the most competitive rider in Stage 4.  In the Tour de France it is referred to as the most aggressive rider, so that is where the title comes from.  Today, Tonelli is helping out his teammates by dropping back to the team car to fetch bottles for the team.  The riders will stuff bottles in their jersey pockets and all around inside their jerseys.  Once they have filled the inside of their clothes with as many bottles as possible, he will ride back up through the peloton passing them out to the other five members of his team.  This will be repeated all day long, that is until the race is in the last 20 kilometers, then it is no longer allowed to get anything from the team cars.  On super hot days, that rule can be relaxed for the health and safety of the racers.

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