Thursday, October 13, 2016

Doha 2016, Men's U23 Road Race: Did What He Could

Each team wanted to position their sprinter for the best chance to become the next World Champion particularly given the sharp twists and turns on the at lap course around The Pearl.  After the Norwegian team had been swamped, it was the turn of the French team to drive the pace.  The difference now was that the last few men of the break away were back in the fold.  As one of the Frenchmen swung off, he looked over at his sprinter, letting him know he had done all he could.  I am sorry that I don't know who the four team members at the front are, but it has to be four of these six guys (hommes); Remi Cavagna, Benoit Cosnefroy, Corentin Ermenault, Hugo Hopstetter, Jeremy Lecroq, and Nans Peters.  Behind other teams were waiting to do unto the French as they had to the Norwegians.

Sadly, a number of the French team went down within sight of the finish line when someone hit the barrier.  It didn't look like anyone was seriously hurt, other than their chance of becoming the next U23 World Champion.

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