Friday, October 28, 2016

Doing a live painting of one of my works from Doha 2016 UCI Road World Championships

I was asked to be one of the artist to create a work of art live for a fundraiser for the YWCA here in Richmond, Virginia.  Since we were working on the theme of empowering women, I felt it was only appropriate to create a 3'x4' acrylic painting based on one of my watercolors from the Elite Women's Road Race in Doha, just two weeks ago.

I was rather pleased with the results.  This is a new technique that I have been developing to create a large scale version of what I have been able to do with the live watercolors of the various races I have been sharing here.  I love trying to discover a new vocabulary in art making.  It is what keeps us artist painting.  It is for the discovery and the challenge of the work that I create, the finished painting is just the byproduct of the work of making discoveries.

Should you want me to come paint a live event for you, or if you would like to commission a work of art for yourself, please email me at