Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tour Down Under Final Stage Doing It Again

I believe that Jack Bauer (Quickstep) will become the new Jens Voigt (of Shut Up Legs fame)  He has gone on a break away attempt in the last three stages eventually becoming the sole rider of whatever group to be going it alone against the peloton  Today with just two laps to go he was off the front again trying to stay away with just nine kilometers left to race  With the final sprint to come and so many sprinters having yet to take a stage I can't see him pulling this off but stranger things have happened  I am sure he will be given the title of most competitive rider for the third straight day and for the entirety of the Tour  Chapeau!

I apologize the punctuation gremlins have return to my computer leaving me with not periods commas or colons unless I use the follow cut and paste section

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