Monday, September 25, 2017

Bergen 2017, Elite Men's Road Race: Warming Up

As the peloton came onto the 11 lap circuit, after having already gotten 39 kilometers into their legs, they were definitely warming up.  With the feed zone and scores of soigneurs just up the road, many like Nikias Arndt (Germany) decided to pull off a layer or two.  Just ahead of the disrobing Germany was Luke Durbridge (Australia).  I always feel a bit sheepish about one of my paintings of Durbridge from 2014.  He was accidentally knocked over by a soigneur on an opposing team in the Tour de France.  He jumped back up and pushed the offender over, got back on his bike and rode on.  I capture that moment in my book, "Book du Tour".  I have been trying to show his better side ever since.  This duo was letting a bit of a gap open, but with Durbridge's power, it will be closed in a heartbeat.

This is a small watercolors and ink painting measuring just 4"x6" and was created using Yarka St. Petersburg watercolors and Steve Quiller brushes from  This painting and all of my Olympics artwork will be available through my artist website at  To purchase this particular painting just follow the direct link at the end of this post.  It is only $75 USD and international shipping is available.

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