Sunday, January 21, 2018

Tour Down Under, Stage 5: After the Fall

A brief lapse of concentration sent Nuno Mates (Movistar) crashing to the ground as he road on the front of the small break away group.  He was riding along the beach, so perhaps the scenery (or bathing suit clad woman) distracted him as he went around a corner.  Unlike most any other sport, there is no time out, or injury delay in cycling.  If he wanted to continue his Tour, he was going to have to get back up and manage the best he could despite the obvious cuts to his elbows and rear end.  But get up he did.  He was tended to by first his team car (here) and then the race medical team (while riding along at 40 kilometers an hour), all while joining back up with his erstwhile break away companions.  We shall see if he is able to continue with the last stage in Adelaide tomorrow.

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