Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tour, Stage 17: Coming Out on Top

And it is a treat to see the Nairo Quintana (Movistar) that I was so excited about in the Tour years ago.  It was said that this is the first stage of the Tour that Quintana has won since 2013, hard to believe.  Quintana started this effort at the base of the climb and simply rode away from everyone.  The only one who seemed able to even come close to matching his speed was Dan Martin (UAE Team Emirates) who claimed second on the day.  The gesture seems odd, but he had just finished raising his hands in a prayful gesture before spreading his arms in celebration.  As you can tell, the climb was the tallest around.  Quintana not only climbed the mountain, but he climbed into fifth place overall. 

With just one mountain stage left to race, it is unlikely he will be able to improve anymore.  But all things are possible.

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