Sunday, July 29, 2018

Tour, Stage 20: New Best

It amuses me when I go back over the paintings, prepping them for posting to this blog.  Sometimes I find interesting mistakes, misspellings or omissions.  Today in my haste to create this painting while taping it for my You Tube channel, I seemed to have omitted the final word in the title.  I had intended to entitle this, "New Best Time," but clearly I did not succeed in that effort.  As Marc Soler (Movistar) approached the line, it was assumed he wasn't going to take over the lead in the stage up to his finish, but he did.  Unfortunately for Soler, it didn't last long.  His time was better about five minutes later and again just two minutes later.  Ultimately, Soler ended the day in 9th place on the stage, nothing to be ashamed of when the top three from the World Championships finished ahead of the Spaniard. 

As I said, this is the painting of today's six watercolors that I filmed as I created it.  As you watch this painting come to life, you can learn about the Tour, the discipline of time trialing and why I create the piece the way I do.  I hope you will subscribe to the channel, so you will know when I post the next video about cycling, artmaking and what inspires me.

This is a small 4x6 inch original watercolor painting that is available though my website at, or you can simply follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Since it is an original it is first come first served.  The painting was created using Yarka St Petersburg watercolors from The work sells for $75 plus shipping. And yes, international shipping is available.

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