Monday, July 9, 2018

Tour, Stage 3 TTT, A Little Ragged

Today is one of the most beautiful of racing disciplines, the team time trial.  The entire team races against the clock together, each taking a turn to pull the others on the front while his teammates "rest" out of the wind behind.  Team Sky is sporting a new kit for the Tour, that replaces their classic stripe down their backs with an orca.  They are doing this to draw attention to the plastic pollution in the ocean.  A pollution that is being very harsh on the orca, amongst other residents of the seas.  Wout Poels is just losing the wheel of his teammates.  But it is of no worry for Chris Froome, the time will be taken when the fourth rider on the team crosses the line.  Today should be a chance for those like Froome on strong teams to move up on the general classification.

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