Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tour, Stage 4: I've Got This

Tony Gallopin (Ag2r La Mondiale) may have gone down in on of the silly crashes with about 50 kilometers left to race.  When he stopped with a rear flat, he wisely pulled his own back wheel out to help his mechanic make the wheel change that much faster.  As the mechanic got to work, Gallopin took the opportunity to massage his sore right hip, upper quad and buttock.  It is truly all about saving energy, seconds and self management.  After his mechanic got him up and rolling, the team car seemed to forget that they had forgotten to let him back into the car.  You can see the car start to pull out with the door still open and then realize all of the passengers weren't there.  Or it could have been that old joke of moving the car everytime the victim tries to get in, but I doubt it.

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