Monday, January 21, 2019

Tour Down Under, Final Stage: Lifting the Pace, Getting a Gap

The final stage takes the peloton over Willunga Hill, before coming back around and finishing on the top of the climb.  With most of the hopefuls even on time 26 seconds behind the erstwhile race leader, Paddy Bevin (CCC).  Bevin dropped out the back of the peloton before the first trip up the hill, clearly suffering from the effects of his crash in yesterday's crash.  It was Kenny Elissonde (Sky) who opened up the first attack on the climb.  He is looking back over his shoulder to find his team leader, Wout Poels.  The small Frenchman ended up having to wait for Poels to catch his wheel, unfortuately that let the rest of the contenders catch up as well.

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