Monday, April 29, 2019

LBL: Changing Bikes & Sponsors

There are a number of things that confuse me about professional cycling... Why women don't get equal billing & pay being the biggest one.  But another that leaves me scratching my head is the decisions of sponsors.  I get it when a team has been caught doping in the past and the company doesn't want to be associated with the negative press of the riders' (and team's) actions.  But when a team has been as dominate and clean as Team Sky, why would their sponsor pull out of bike racing.  Sky as been extremely successful in the past decade and has had the largest budget of any Pro Tour Team and yet this it the last time we will see the Sky kit in a bike race.   So it just seemed like David De La Cruz (Sky) getting a bike change was the right image to show the closing of this chapter of the Pro Tour.  Don't worry for the riders, the team stays, it will just have a new name going forward - and sorry, I don't know what that name is.

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