Monday, May 13, 2019

Amgen ToC, Stage 2: A Quick Peak

First a quick note about the landscape in this painting, the striations of whites along the right side of the artwork is a carved snow bank.  The race went into the high Sierra Nevada Mountains where this year, finally, the mountains have been covered in snow, with snow falling as recently as last week.

Now on to the Tour of California, with this stage being basically uphill from the first kilometer it was a bigger chance of success for the break away.  Luke Rowe (Ineso) peaks back over his shoulder to see if any of those that had been with his leading group were making it back across.  With Rowe are Pawel Bernas (CCC) and Maximilian Walscheid (Sunweb) amongst others.  At this point, they had only build about a minute over the peloton, but another 80 kilometers of climbing could leave the bulk of the peloton far, far behind.

This is a small 4x6 inch original watercolor painting that is available though my website at, or you can simply follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Since it is an original it is first come first served.  The painting was created using Yarka St Petersburg watercolors from The work sells for $75 plus shipping. And yes, international shipping is available.

This painting has sold!

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