Sunday, July 28, 2019

Tour, Stage 21: Around the Place du la Concorde

Some day someone will invent a pen with spell check...  I try to be as much in the moment when creating these works as possible and sometimes I get my titles wrong.  When I published my Tour de France book in 2014 (on my website under "Cycling Books Gallery") there were lots of edits, and I had to correct spelling on everything I tried to use French words for.

Now back to the race.  With the traditions of the day honored, it was time for some bike racing.  Every time, someone tries to surprise the peloton and jump off of the front.  In very, very rare occasions, this gambit has worked.  This quartet of Omar Fraille (Astana), Tom Scully (EF Education First), Jan Tratnik (Bahrain-Merida) and Niels Politt (Katusha-Alpecin) thought they would be the ones to beat the odds.  They weren't.  As they rounded the corner to go into the tunnel under the Place de la Concorde they had built up a twenty-five second lead over the currently contented peloton.

This is a small 4x6 inch original watercolor painting that is available though my website at, or you can simply follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Since it is an original it is first come first served.  The painting was created using Yarka St Petersburg watercolors from The work sells for $75 plus shipping. And yes, international shipping is available.

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