Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tour, Stage 4: Gaining Perspective

As I was painting this image I was having trouble coming up with a good tittle.  This one refers to the one point perspective going off to the vanishing point ahead of this break away.  Once I had finished the watercolor and started watching the race again, Phil Liggett (announce for NBC Sports) said "They are basking in the sunshine."   Now that is a title!  Seemingly regardless of the expectation of a grand sprint finale in Nancy, these three, Michael Scharr (CCC), Frederik Backaert (Wanty Gobert) and Backaert's teammate Yoann Offredo went on the attack from kilometer one.  I have been enjoying the scenery of northern France thus far, and wanted to make sure to capture the beauty of these wheat fields stretch as far as their eyes can see.  An added benefit of watching the Tour is seeing the scenic beauty of France.

This is a small 4x6 inch original watercolor painting that is available though my website at www.greigleach.com, or you can simply follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Since it is an original it is first come first served.  The painting was created using Yarka St Petersburg watercolors from Richesonart.com. The work sells for $75 plus shipping. And yes, international shipping is available.


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