Sunday, March 27, 2016

E3 Harelbeke: Double Checking

As both Peter Sagan (Tinkoff) and Michal Kwiatkowski (Team Sky) held off the chasing elite group, most everyone assumed that Kwiatkowski wouldn't have a prayer of beating Sagan in a sprint for the line.  However, the sly Polish rider managed to force Sagan onto the front as they came within 700 meters of the finish.  With those behind closing swiftly, the pair had little time to play cat and mouse.  As Sagan looked back over his left shoulder to see where the chasers were, Kwiatkowski jumped on his right side.  Before the World Champion noticed the attack, he was already four of five bike lengths behind his adversary.  Sagan never got close to Kwiatkowski again, finishing in second place yet again.  While much has been made of the curse of the Rainbow Jersey, Sagan is doing extremely well despite not claiming the top step of the podium, at least he is almost always on the second step.

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