Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Amgen ToC, Stage 3: Get on Our Wheel

First Simon Geschke (CCC) and then Richmonder, Ben King (Dimension Data) jumped clear of the peloton in the closing kilometers of the stage.  The duo caught the flagging Alex Hoehn (USA Cycling).  Both men tried to encourage Hoehn to catch their wheels (and draft) but he was just unable to get up to their speed.  I have been in that exact situation (although not in a race) and know just how much you want to latch on, and how disappointing it is when your legs just won't respond.  Hoehn could consol himself with the knowledge that he will be pulling on the Polka Dot jersey regardless of when he finishes the stage.  King was able to out sprint Geschke for second on the stage, lifting the moral of his team and teammates.  And he moved himself up the general classification rankings as well.

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