Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tour de France, Rest Day 2

Want to do a little shopping on your Rest Day, called it the Tour de France Sabbath.  DeFeet International is offering this package deal for only $50 USD.  It includes my book, "Book de Tour: Art of the 101st Tour de France" which compiles all of my paintings from the 2014 Tour along with all three pairs of the socks that I designed for DeFeet in celebration of the Grand Boucle.  Follow this link to get your Tour Celebration package, http://defeet.com/pc_product_detail.asp?key=771565909D7C4AF9A2847252273BF618

On another note, not unlike the riders of the Tour I got out and logged a few miles on the bike.  The difference was that my 16 mph was all I was capable of producing, whereas they tooled along at 20+ mph and felt that they were merely spinning their legs to keep them from stiffening up before the final assault of the Alps ahead of Paris.

https://instagram.com/p/5aggZXrU5c/?taken-by=greigsart This was my rather unsuccessful attempt to take a picture of my Maillot a Pois sock while on my ride today.  Nothing like a bad picture to delight the heart.