Monday, May 1, 2017

Just Four Days Until the 100th Giro!

With the start of the 100th Giro d'Italia, I will be creating my third book.  It will be created from my daily paintings of each and every stage of the race, painted live as the race unfolds on my computer screen.  After I finish painting the race, I will then post the paintings along with my text explaining the importance of the particular image and how it revels the saga of the Giro.  This blog will be the rough draft of the roughly 240 page hardcover book.

I am hoping to fund this book through Kickstarter and am counting on your help to make it happen.  There are some fabulous rewards for those of you who chose to back the project, and rewards start for those who can only afford to kick in a dollar.  Every one who backs the project will have their name in print on the backers' page in the front of the book.  Here is the link to the preview page (the link will take you to the actual page once it is live.