Monday, July 30, 2018

Tour, Final Stage: Arriving in Paris

There must be nothing more exciting for everyone who had ridden the Tour de France than the moment that they ride onto the Champs Elysees. Everyone of us who have ever raced a bike dream of one day racing up and down in the shadow of the l'Arc de Triomphe - regardless of our level or ability.  After over five thousand kilometers the thrill of knowing all of the suffering is about to come to an end must tangible.  The only thing now is to finish the stage, and fight to hold the wheels or take out a sprint (or escape the grasp of the peloton).

This seemed like the right image to film while I was creating it for the last day of the Tour de France.  You can see this and one painting from all 21 stages of the Tour come to life on my You Tube Channel.  Watch it here, but be sure to subscribe to my channel to make sure you know when I post another art tutorial, cycling tutorial or some combination of the two. 

This is a small 4x6 inch original watercolor painting that is available though my website at, or you can simply follow the direct link at the end of this post.  Since it is an original it is first come first served.  The painting was created using Yarka St Petersburg watercolors from The work sells for $75 plus shipping. And yes, international shipping is available.

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