Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Bergen 2017, U-23 Individual Time Trial: Down the Ramp

Alexander Cowan (Canada) was one of the early riders in the first group to roll down the ramp at the start of the 42 mile individual time trial.  All of the Under 23 men would be doing a short and then long lap around the streets of Bergen.  The second lap takes in the climb up the Birkelundsbakken that was the undoing of many of even the best men and women in the professioanl peloton.  Cowan was not expected to be a rider to figure in the medals, but you can win if you don't race.

The starters were broken into five groups to prevent riders from being on the short lap and the long lap similtaneously.  The time trial discipline is all about a clear open road and a single rider against the clock.  With mutliple support vehicles and racers trying to vie for space on the road, it would have provide some riders with an unfair advantage had there not been spaces between the starting groups.

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