Saturday, October 15, 2016

Doha 2016, Elite Women's Road Race: A Drink and a Chat

While her teammate Amber Neben (USA) was off the front of the peloton, Lauren Stephens took the opportunity to drop back to their team car.  As her sports director passed over more bottles, I am sure they took the opportunity to plan their next move should Neben be reeled back in.  The arm passing out the bottles was covered in tattoos, a sight that is becoming more and more familiar, but not so much fun to paint.  The maroon car just ahead of them is that of the race director.  None of the cars in the caravan are allowed pass his vehicle unless directed by him, but that only happens after a group has more than a minute or two on the peloton.  That certainly wasn't going to happen in the late stages of today's race.

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