Sunday, May 31, 2015

Giro Stage 20: Worried About the Tifosi

Ilnur Zakarin (Katusha) was the last survivor of the early breakaway.  He was doing a great job of holding his own against the chasing Gruppo Maglia Rosa on the climb up the fabled Coll Delle Finestre.  While still on the hard surfaced road, he was encountering the overly zealous tifosi along the course.  It is apparently a great treat for usually inebriated fans to run along side the struggling cyclists.  This often leads to painful mishaps, usually more for the runner than the racer, but many have had their climbing rhythm disrupted, been bumped into, or even knocked off of their bikes.  It has been entertaining listening to the BeIN Sports announcers, Daniel Lloyd and Carlton Kirby shout for the "idiots" to get out of the way (needless to say, the tifosi can't hear the broadcasters, nor would they heed them if they could).

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